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Bollywood actor Sonu Sood does not need any introduction today. By the way, we have seen Sonu mostly in Villain's role in films. But the 2020 Coronation Corona has shown us a form of Sonu that he has made a real life hero. The way Sonu has helped people in the midst of the epidemic is commendable. Sonu arranged for thousands of homeless people to reach their homes as well as food for them and till they reached home. This big step of Sonu has made him the lover of the country. Today we are going to talk about Sonu's life. So let us know in detail the Sonography of Biography:

Birth :

Sonu Sood, who earned a name for his villain's characters in Bollywood, was born on 30 July 1973 in Moga, Punjab. Sonu Sood is seen very active in Bollywood as well as Tollywood. Please tell that Sonu rules the hearts of people with her acting in Telugu Kannada and Tamil films as well as Hindi. Sonu has also been a contestant of Mr. India competition and with this, he has also worked in advertisements of many companies.

Personal life :

Talking about Sonu Sood's personal life, let us know that Sonu may have been born in Punjab but he shifted to Nagpur for higher education. After arriving here, she started participating in several modeling programs at Yashwantrao Chavan Engineering College. During this time, people started liking Sonu. The actor was very good in studies from the beginning and due to this, the parents wanted to make him an engineer. But Sonu's dream was to become an actor. He tried to show his acting from many places. After waiting for a while there was an opportunity to work in an album. And this chance proved to be an opportunity for him, his album became a super hit and he got an entry in films.


Actor Sonu Sood's love story is also very good. Actually Sonu and his wife Sonali used to study in the same college. Sonu and Sonali used to love Ekaduje and both got married in the year 1996. Sonali does not like being in the limelight. And that is why she stays away from the glare of Bollywood. Sonu Sood is also the father of two children. The names of his children are Ayan Sood and Ishaan Sood.

Sonu Sood's film journey

Sonu took her stand towards Mumbai, but after coming to Mumbai, Sonu's struggle started. They lived in rented grounds for a long time. After straggling for a long time, Sonu got a job in a Tamil film 'Kalisaghar'. However, he did not get recognition from this film. There is also an anecdote related to this film that Sonu got this film due to his body. When the producer called him, he asked him to show his body, and on seeing Sonu's body, the producer liked it and he got this film.

Talking of Bollywood, Sonu got the film 'Shaheed-e-Azam' in the year 2001 and this film gave him a new identity. After the success of this film, Sonu started getting more Bollywood films and he was recognized as an actor. Sonu's films include many films like Yuva, Shootout at Wadala, Dabangg, Simba. Apart from Sonu's Hindi, people like films in many languages. Shortly before, the actor also worked with Jackie Chan in the film 'Kung Fu Yoga'. Sonu is well-liked as a villain, even he was given the IIFA Award for Best Villain for the movie Dabangg. Along with this, he has also received Nandi Award, Best Serpenting Actor Filmfare Award.

He has acted in Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi films. Her shishamovie was very cool Sheesha was also a super hit. Sonu Sood entered Hindi cinema in the year 2000. In the year 1996, Graviere participated in Mr. India but did not win, but fifteen years later, Gravier hired Sonu Sud as the brand ambassador. Sonu Sood has played most of the roles of Villan in his acting. And he puts his life in this vessel. He has made his place in films on the basis of his own hard work.

Sonu Sood's Social Contribution 

Best Bollywood indian actor sonu sood latest news || whitehat jr.
In the present-day Corona epidemic, Sonu Sood was shown as a god rather than a messiah, who helped to bring home the millions of laborers of Mumbai city. This is the God who makes the migrant laborers eat and drink.

Apart from that, Sonu Sood had also arranged buses for all the laborers to go home. Today, in the ageless era of Kali Yuga, the example of humanity is actor Sonu Sood who helps people. sonu sood net worth is $ 17 million.

Sonu Sood Movie

  • 1999 - Kallazhagar
  • 2000 - Hands Up!
  • 2001 - Majunu
  • 2002 - Shaheed-E-Azam
  • Zindagi Khoobsurat Hai
  • Raja
  • 2003 - Ammayilu
  • Kovilpatti
  • Kahan Ho Tum
  • 2004 - Netaji
  • Mission Mumbai
  • Yuva
  • 2005 - Sheesha
  • Chandramukhi
  • Super
  • Athadu
  • Aashiq Banaya Aapne
  • Siskiyaan
  • 2006 - Ashok
  • Rockin '
  • 2008 - Jodhaa Akbar
  • Mr Medhavi
  • Singh Is Kinng
  • Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi
  • 2009 - Arundhati
  • Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge
  • Anjaneyulu
  • Bangaru
  • Ek Niranjan
  • City of Life
  • 2010 - Dabangg
  • 2011 - Shakti
  • Theenmaar
  • Bbuddah… Hoga Tera Baap
  • Kandireega
  • Dookudu Nayak
  • Vishnuvardhana
  • Osthe
  • 2012 - Maximum
  • Uu Kodathara?
  • Julai Bittu
  • 2013 - Madha
  • Shootout at Wadala
  • Ramaiya Vastavaiya
  • Bhai
  • R… Rajkumar
  • 2014 - Entertainment
  • Aagadu
  • Happy New Year
  • 2015 - Gabbar Is Back
  • Saagasam
  • Xuanzang
  • 2016 - Ishq
  • Devi Raj
  • Abhinetri
  • Tutak Tutak Tutiya
  • 2017 - Kung Fu Yoga
  • 2018 - Paltan
  • Simmba
  • 2019 - Kurukshetra
  • Devi 2
  • Abhinetri 2
  • Sita
  • 2020 - Alludu Adhurs
  • Prithviraj
  • Thamilarasan

Sonu Sood Awards

  • Nandi Award which was received by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Awarded IIFA and Apsara Awards. Which is given to the best actor.
  • The Best Villain Award was given by IIFA.
  • Seema [SIIMA] Award for the role of Best Villain.

Sonu Sood Official Website 

Best Bollywood indian actor sonu sood latest news || whitehat jr.
Pravasi Rojgar Sonu Sood Website The Government of India has shied away from helping the people. Because she has not been successful. Sonu ji has created a website and app in his 47th birthday. Those who can help people, whose name has been given migrant employment. Through the application and website, they not only helped. But their aim is to end the epidemic. From that he lost business and no employment. They get employment achieved by them.

Initiative to Provide free Education to Orphans

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood recently requested the government and concerned authorities to think about the future of children who lost their parents in this corona epidemic. Following this appeal by Sonu Sood, many state governments have announced to provide free education to orphan children. After this decision of the governments, Sonu Sood has said that his dream is finally coming true.

A fan of Bollywood actor Sonu Sood informed on Twitter that several states have announced to give education for free after this appeal. After which Bollywood actor Sonu Sood wrote that tweet retweeting that his dream is finally coming true. Now the time has come for the whole country to follow.

Sonu said that this has happened to many children between the ages of 10 and 12 years. His future is now a matter of concern for the society. The actor appealed to the central and state governments to look into the matter and make education expenses absolutely free.

Let us know that since the lockdown of the first wave of Corona epidemic, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been continuously helping the needy people. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is also helping people in the second wave of Corona. During this time, he is providing people with many other medical devices including oxygen gas, oxygen concentrator.

Popular Stories Related to Sonu Sood

Best Bollywood indian actor sonu sood latest news || whitehat jr.
• The Corona tragedy that occurred in the year 2020 was the period in which Sonu Sood appeared as an angel to help thousands of migrant laborers. After the nationwide lockdown caused by the Corona epidemic, thousands of migrant laborers who lost their jobs, who had no money to eat and who wanted to go back to their homes with the help of all possible help, Sonu Sood took it into his own hands. Under this campaign, he has brought millions of immigrant laborers, thousands of students to their homes safely.

• Discussion of his selfless service took place across the country and he got the recognition of a real life hero in the whole country. Sonu Sood, who has become the inspiration of thousands of millions of youth, has won the hearts of all Indians due to his noble deeds.

On the occasion of his 47th birthday, he also launched a website as well as created an app called Overseas Employment to provide easy employment to the migrant laborers whose employment was lost due to Corona epidemic. is,

• Sonu Sood is also known for his length, his length is 1 inch more than that of megastar Amitabh Bachchan, his length is 6 feet 1 inch.

• Sonu Sood's body is also very fit, which has a lot of girls fans.

• Sonu Sood also participated in Mr. India competition, although he could not win it but he came in the top 5.

People who have helped Sonu Sood say that. “Sonu Sood is the form of God, not just the Messiah. In this Kalyug filled with fraud, Sonu Sood has set an example of being a good person. Wherever we read the news of rape somewhere in the newspaper, Sonu Sood has explained the meaning of being a human being at that time. Not only me, our entire Indian people pray for a good life and happiness for Sonu Sood. May God live his life very long ”. 

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