How Far From Flagstaff To Sedona? And What To Do In Sedona, Flagstaff
Flagstaff To Sedona. Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive is a very beautiful 14-mile drive along Route 89a in northern Arizona. Beautiful transportation from Flagstaff to Sedona. The drive begins just south of Flagstaff, past the beautiful Ponderosa pine forest, and continues to create even better views until you reach the beautiful red rocks over a million years old. 

Oak Creek Canyon is one of the country's most gorgeous drives and should be incorporated into your trip to northern Arizona. Along the way, there are plenty of beautiful views, fun activities hiking trails, restaurants, native American craft markets, picnic areas and swimming halls Slide Rock State Park is a top-class attraction featuring natural waterslides.

Flagstaff To Sedona. Drives are a fun and beautiful way to get to and from Sedona. In addition to the gorgeous rock formations and colorful mountains that make up Oak Creek, you can also incorporate a variety of beautiful trees autumn is a great time to plan your visit. The landscape is so lush that you forget you're in Arizona as soon as you realize that the state is more than just a brown desert.

Oak Creek Canyon, a river canyon along the Mogoron Rim, is often referred to as the little cousin of the Grand Canyon. As such, it is the second most visited tourist attraction in the state. The canyon, located in the beautiful Coconino National Forest, is 2000 feet deep and 12 feet long. How Far From Flagstaff To SedonaGoogle Map Location 

The difference in elevation and temperature along the way is dramatic (7000-4000 feet), with a variety of trees ranging from Ponderosa pine near Flagstaff to different types of deciduous trees as you progress further. There are numerous types of trees on this drive, unlike nearby Flagstaff, where you can mainly see pine trees. Therefore, Oak Creek Canyon is a great place to enjoy some autumn colors in Arizona.

This is one drive that will not lose interest at any given time. Even if you're sitting in the car all the time and don't enjoy activities or oversights, it's worth the spectacular views from all the windows. There is a panoramic view in every corner. Whenever you make a scenic trip, you will find yourself lost in nature. It never gets old! The picture is not justice-this is one vehicle you have to experience for yourself! Due to its immense popularity, roads can be congested on weekend mornings / afternoons.

Some of the amazing views along the way - Flagstaff To Sedona

How Far From Flagstaff To Sedona? And What To Do In Sedona, Flagstaff

1. Breakfast in a fairly natural environment

There are several dining options along the route. Indian Gardens is a great place to have breakfast along the way. The food here is delicious, the espresso drinks are perfectly brewed, the outdoor patio is relaxed and shaded, and birds of all kinds are frequented. Here you can fill a protein-rich omelet or breakfast bowl before spending a day in Sedona, or enjoy a healthy salad or sandwich after a long hike. Also, if you want to bring something special to your drive, there are light meals, bottled drinks, and delicious homemade treats. Flagstaff To Sedona.

2. Activities on the way

Oak Creek Vista Scenic Overlook – Located on the side of the road just before entering the canyon, the Oak Creek Vista Scenic Overlook is one of the first stops to get a glimpse of the scenery. Along with the scenery, you can buy unique Native American crafts from various vendors. The time is quite limited (9am to 5pm) so I plan to stop here in the morning instead of the return route.

Westfolk Hiking Trail – This scenic hiking hotspot is the most popular throughout the Coconino County National Forest. Visiting during the colorful autumn season will lead to even better photography opportunities. Hiking is very easy and takes only about 2-3 hours for a round trip, making it a great option for most fitness levels (depending on how many breaks you take to enjoy the scenery). There are many beautiful views of several river crossings and canyon walls along the 6-mile journey. Flagstaff To Sedona.

Native American Craft Markets and Shops – There are several places where you can buy unique Native American crafts such as dream catchers, pottery and jewelry. In addition to the many vendors that line Oak Creek Vista, there are many other public displays along the route. Conveniently, you can pull whenever you see your eye-catching market.

Park Slide Rock State - Slide Rock is very typical. This natural swimming pool has a waterslide made of natural red sandstone. In addition to the park's most famous slides, there are popular activities to enjoy during your visit, such as picnics, hiking, apple picking and sunbathing.

There are many places to get out of the car, stretch your legs and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Take your time and drive slowly the roads are very winding due to changes in altitude and enjoy your journey. If you live in Sedona, you will enjoy even more spectacular views. Enjoyable and breathtaking views remain as the drive ends in downtown Sedona. Sedona's uptown shopping district includes restaurants, shops, tours, bars and galleries. This area is so easy to walk that it is a great place to take a walk for an hour or two.

Flagstaff To Sedona. You must check at least one hiking trail while you are in town. Devil's Bridge is one of the most beautiful options. Also, make sure to check out Red Rock State Park. It's a quiet place with gorgeous scenery, beautiful trees and lots of wildlife. Check out the Faye Canyon Trail for an easy walk through nature with stunning views.

How Far From Flagstaff To Sedona? And What To Do In Sedona, Flagstaff

Tips for a smooth visit from Flagstaff To Sedona

  • Plan your drive early in the morning if possible to reduce congestion. This is also the time when you have the greatest opportunity to see wildlife. Summer is the busiest.
  • Plan a spring, late autumn, or winter trip to reduce road congestion. The roads may be slippery, but they are paved during the winter.
  • Plan a hike in Sedona after the drive. Seeing the beautiful scenery up close is a completely different experience.
  • Pack your picnic lunch and enjoy one of the many picnic sites along the way.
  • Stop by the Indian Garden for coffee or a light breakfast. The terrace is one of the best indoor dining areas in Sedona.
  • Please bring your own camera. There are many oversights where you can take pictures against the backdrop of the mountains.
  • Drive slowly – the roads are very winding, sometimes steep and a little scary.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water when driving at high altitudes. When your ears start to pop, chew gum or drink more water.
  • Please wear layers. The weather changes dramatically from Sedona to Flagstaff. Flagstaff sees cool temperatures all year round, often during the summer season. Flagstaff's summer daytime temperatures often drop in the mid-1970s and late 1980s and often in the 1950s and 1960s. On the contrary, Sedona's highs could enter the 90's.
  • Plan your itinerary for the day. Whether you're driving or arriving in Sedona, there's a lot to see and do. You don't have time to do everything in a day, so plan accordingly. I recommend planning time for restaurants or 2, hiking, taking pictures overlooked, and browsing some unique Native American crafts to take home as a souvenir. If you have more than a day, a jeep tour, a hot air balloon ride, or a spa visit will be added to your experience.
  • Book a hotel to maximize your experience. One day is not just enough time. Nearby accommodations include hotels, inns and resorts in both Flagstaff and Sedona, as well as quieter accommodation along Oak Creek Canyon Drive. Please make a reservation in advance to secure your desired dates.

Go to outside

Flagstaff To Sedona. Flagstaff's stunning nature makes it a hidden paradise for running, hiking, biking, camping, mountaineering and even cross-country and downhill skiing. Explore the legendary 446km Grand Canyon National Park along the river, tours, hikes and more. Just 97 km away, Flagstaff is a popular base for visiting the canyon. Head to the top of the Arizona Snow Bowl in the summer for views of the northern edge of the Grand Canyon, and in the winter enjoy the extraordinary skiing of the Snow Bowl. Discover prehistoric cliff dwellings and Pueblo at the nearby Walnut Canyon National Monument and Wupatki National Monument. You can enjoy the view of Sunset Crater Volcanic National Monument, which is a volcanic cone over 300 meters high. San Francisco Peaks, north of the city, has the highest mountains in Arizona and is ideal for advanced hikers.

Cultural Dose

Flagstaff To Sedona. Exit the visitor center at the vintage train station and tour the historic streets of downtown. Listen to old buildings and browse unique shops and galleries. Flagstaff includes the nationally accredited Northern Arizona Museum, which specializes in the arts and culture of the Colorado Plateau, a distinctive red-rock region that constitutes the four corners of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. There are also some valuable museums. Visit Lowell Observatory at night to see the stars. Also, do not leave this area without going through the city and down Route 66, which is home to classic motels, museums, diners and more.

Eat and Drink

Flagstaff boasts a sophisticated restaurant scene that represents ethnic, fine dining, vibrant farm-to-table, and even forest-to-table cuisine from around the world. Try a Latin-inspired meal with fresh local produce at the Criollo Latin Kitchen, or try the Diablo Burger, which sources beef directly from the nearby Diablo Trust Lunch. Rinse with Mother Road Brewing Company's craft beer on the original Route 66 road and one of eight breweries in downtown.

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