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Digital marketing refers to marketing activities via electronic media such as digital signage and digital devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as the Internet. The spread of smartphones has greatly increased the opportunities and time for people to access information via the Internet. It is said that the average time per person uses a smartphone is about 3 hours a day. Against this background of the times, a digital marketing company in India has attracted attention, and the number of companies adopting it as an important marketing method is increasing year by year. So, this time, in addition to what online marketing company in india is, I will introduce the differences between web marketing, which is often confused, and specific methods.

What is digital marketing?

Online marketing company in India is a marketing activity that acquires customers while transmitting information to strategically targeted target groups in all digital environments such as email, SNS, and web advertising. Marketing is the efforts and efforts of companies to get consumers to purchase products and services and is a term that combines the original activities with digital.

Improve analysis and targeting accuracy with two digital products that are crossed

The first digital-combination with data analysis results-

Until now, data has been used in marketing, but in most cases, it was used to grasp the overall trend based on the results of questionnaire surveys and utilize it in marketing for the whole. With the development of digital technology in recent years, it has become possible to acquire data related to individuals such as purchase data, website access information, and behavior data such as location information. Data analysis now not only helps us understand overall trends but also visualizes the consumption behavior of every consumer.

Second digital-Combination with digital media/devices-

It is now possible to market using all media and devices that are the touchpoints of companies and consumers. For example, digital marketing company in india, which will be explained later, limits websites to channels, but in digital marketing, SNS such as Facebook and Instagram, and EC are also added as media that can be approached. The devices that use them are not limited to PCs, but also smartphones and tablets online marketing company in india, which is a combination of these two digital, enables the following marketing activities that were difficult in the past.

Take an approach to have customers buy the recommended products for sale via EC from the purchase history at the store.

Distribute coupons via the Smartphone app when you come near the store based on location information. With the flood of information and the ability for consumers to scrutinize information on their own, the process leading up to purchasing has become complex and lengthy. It is no wonder that digital marketing company in india is attracting attention as an important marketing method in this era when one-to-one marketing that suits each individual is required.

Differences between digital marketing and web marketing

The biggest difference between digital marketing and web marketing is the type of digital channel used as the tool and the amount of information that can be obtained. an online marketing company in India conducts marketing activities only through a channel called a website based on behavior data on the web. Specifically, it includes SEO, listing advertisement, access analysis, website improvement, etc. Of course, we will use these methods in digital marketing company in India as well, but as we use channels from more angles, the amount of information that can be obtained exceeds that of Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi.

In top digital marketing agencies, in addition to the behavior of users who visit the website, the behavior history of smartphones, tablet browsers and official apps, data accumulated, the response of real events and those who visited the shop Offline activity data such as data and sales/purchase history can also be used. In short, web marketing is part of online marketing company in India.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

There are two advantages of a digital marketing company in india:

  • The speed of getting to know the results of the implemented measures is fast.

For example, imagine a newspaper advertisement. You can't tell how many people have purchased by looking at an ad.

However, in digital marketing company in India, not only can you clarify the achievements, but depending on the content, you can grasp the results in real-time. Based on this data, we can assemble what measures to take in the future, so we can run the PDCA cycle faster.

  • You can take an approach that

Links all channels Even if you try to do one-to-one marketing, if few means can be used, there is a limit to the approach that suits each person.

What digital channel do you choose when trying to get the information you don't know?

Some people may be using search engines such as Google or using the news app on their smartphones instead of newspapers, and getting the latest information from Instagram. With the spread of smartphones in a wide range of ages, the methods, timings, and frequencies of accessing information vary greatly from person to person. Therefore, by combining all kinds of digital media and digital devices, it is possible to take an approach that directly affects each consumer's psychology and behavior patterns, and communication begins from the moment a response is obtained.

Digital marketing techniques

Now let's look at specific methods of digital marketing companies in India. When and what information do targeted consumers want to get? We will hypothesize from the data analysis results and implement measures by combining the following methods. The more information that can be analyzed and the more channels that are approached, the easier it will be to achieve results, so it is important to adopt various methods rather than just a single method.

Website operation 

It can be broadly divided into the purpose of attracting customers and the purpose of acquiring conversions.

Purpose of

Attracting customers We aim to attract more customers by increasing the chances of being seen by more consumers through SEO and Internet advertising, and leading them to the entrance. SEO stands for search engine optimization and creates rich content that is beneficial to users so that it will be displayed at the top when it is searched by some keyword mainly using Google's search engine. You can expect the effect by continuing to do so. Internet advertisements include listing advertisements called search-linked advertisements, which can display advertisements that respond to keywords and video advertisements Etc. and can be used properly depending on the target. A digital marketing company in India.

Purpose of

Conversion acquisition we will analyze access and improve the site to acquire conversion. Analyze what kind of users are visiting the site from where, and why they are not converting, and to solve the problem, the page on the site We will improve the contents and conductors of.

Content marketing

As a strategy for companies and consumers to continuously build effective relationships, marketing methods that ultimately guide customers to the business goals they envision while continuing to provide information that benefits customers via the Web. Online a marketing company in India At the end of the entrance, in the case of BtoC, we will deploy an eBook with detailed information such as experience and the sample application, and in the case of BtoB, we will create an opportunity to acquire customer information.

For example, a person who is interested in the latest home appliance information and searches for it arrive at an article written about it and is interested in knowing the product for the first time. It is effective when you want to create a flow to move to the next action, such as searching for product information on the Web from there or visiting a home electronics mass retailer. In addition to the psychological state of being interested in the user side from the beginning and searching, by making the content that appeals to the effect and attractiveness of the product naturally visible, potential customers can see it naturally. A digital marketing company in India. It makes it easier to find products. Also, there is an advantage that it is easy to promote purchasing because you can contact with actual product information after naturally understanding the attractiveness of the product.

Social media marketing

It is a method of transmitting information through SNS such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LINE. The number of SNS users is increasing not only among young people but also among a wide range of age groups, and since it is becoming a part of life, the number of companies that are adopting social marketing is increasing. In addition to being used as a medium for transmitting information, SNS is a major difference from other methods in that it can spread information that users think is good to an unspecified number of others. There is also the purpose of actively creating [fans] by disseminating information as a company. A digital marketing company in India.

Email marketing

This method is easy to use as a means of communication to encourage prospective customers who already have contact with companies and products to the final purchase stage. Optimal methods according to the purpose, such as e-mail newsletters that send out new products and profitable information in an advertising role, and step e-mails that aim to encourage guidance to stores and EC sites according to each person's actions. Select. Recently, as the number of users who use LINE daily rather than email is increasing, the number of companies using LINE's talk function instead of email is also increasing.

App marketing

This is a method for companies to communicate in real-time according to the life cycle and location information of consumers through smartphone apps. This is used in a wide range of situations such as recognition, training of prospective customers, promotion of sales, and after-sales follow-up. Maybe some of you have experience displaying coupons through a smartphone app when you visit a major convenience store. Using push notifications that send notifications from the app, you can deliver direct information in real-time, which is a unique use of the app. A digital marketing company in India. For users who allow GPS location information, it is also possible to push information to promote store visits when they come near the shore. However, as more companies are adopting this approach, push notification open rates tend to decline. Engagement with consumers to be selected from a large number of push notification messages will also be the key to successful app marketing.

Feel free to contact us to know more about Best Digital Marketing Services in India. we will formulate a strategy for what kind of marketing will be done in what kind of channel. We will hypothesize from the data analysis results and implement measures by combining the following methods.


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