Digital Advertising As digitalization progresses around the world, there are concerns around the world that the effects of the new coronavirus may temporarily slow the growth of digital marketing. But with more than two-thirds of Facebook and Google ads being advertised by local businesses, small local businesses are now adopting digital marketing and advertising for the first time to keep their locked-down business. Until then, companies that did not have to consider digital advertising were actively moving toward digitalization.

What Is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is another name for advertising that is deployed on the Internet, so-called Internet advertising and is sometimes called online advertising or web advertising. When you search for websites on the Internet, you often see digital advertisements. There are several types of digital advertisements, including web advertisements posted on the web, video distribution services, email distribution services, and even those displayed on SNS.

Mass advertising refers to advertising that is posted through the medium of mass media. For example, TV commercials are advertisements that are broadcast through TV radio waves. Other newspapers, magazines, and radio are also classified as mass media. The big difference between digital advertising and mass advertising is whether they are posted on digital or non-digitized media.

The Internet and video distribution services are distributed using a digitized communication service called communication. The target audience is interested users, and individuals can choose to see or not see the advertisement. On the other hand, mass advertising is targeted at non-digital media such as television and newspapers before the advent of communications. Since the target of advertising are not individuals but the masses, it can be said that it has different characteristics from digital advertising in this respect as well.

Digital Advertising, a Booming Field

With the boom of the internet, advertisers have understood the importance of investing in digital and later in internet advertising. It is a new booming market and given the impact that digital technology has on changing consumer practices, digital advertising could well be one of the engines of the digital economy. Advertising online means having the possibility of strengthening its visibility on all the digital media used by the targets of your company. These media are smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Overall, search engine marketing represents the largest share of advertising revenue. These are the advertisements that we see on search engines, in this case on Google. They are also called sponsored links, commercial links, or paid referencing with Google Adwords. This is a good way to attract Internet users because they develop a reflex which is to go directly to search on Google information they do not have.

The display is undoubtedly the most widely used advertising format. It can be recognized by the banners found on websites, other graphic formats, and videos. As a result, physical advertising panels and TV media ads are as if transcribed into digital thanks to displaying. This proves the role of digital as an essential medium to attract or reach customers.

The Advantages of Digital Advertising

The main advantage of digital advertising is the ability to reach millions of consumers around the world, very easily. It is therefore difficult today for a company to do without a website or social accounts.

Also, cookies offer the possibility of targeting specific advertisements for each Internet user, taking into account these areas of interest, their tastes, and their purchasing behavior. Also, advertising campaigns are becoming more profitable since they now target a very specific audience.

Another advantage of digital advertising is also having precise statistics. Indeed, it is possible to know in real-time the number of visitors present on its website or its social network page, as well as the number of clicks and the conversion rate. These tools are very valuable for the company, which will be able to adjust its marketing strategy in the light of the results obtained, without delay.

Digital advertising also offers the possibility of being declined in different forms. It can thus be interactive to attract even more potential customers. Studies have shown that videos have a better impact on audiences than traditional advertising messages.

Getting Started In Digital Advertising, the Main Solutions

Digital advertising is a vast market that brings together a large number of solutions. So, you have surely heard of SEO, Google Ads, or even advertisements on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. But do you know the difference between all these niches? Do you know how to make the right choice and get the most out of each one?

We talk about SEO, SEA, SEM, or SMO to designate your positioning on internet search engines. These are therefore essential elements for successful advertising. If you make a great promotional video, but you appear on the 25 pages of search engines, you will not touch many people.

First of all, the best known of them, SEO, refers to all the techniques that will allow the site's natural referencing in search engines. It can be broken down into two parts. On the one hand, On-Page SEO consists of integrating the techniques into the structure of the site. It is necessary to prioritize the information of a certain subject, to integrate tags, and to optimize as much as possible the content disseminated. On the other hand, the Off-Page SEO, which will come from external links. This is about finding the best partnerships to get an interesting SEO.

Digital Advertising If SEO is natural referencing, free, there is also a paid version, which is called SEA. This is where Google Ads comes in. Indeed, it is the advertising network of Google, and it is therefore through this that you will have to go to carry out your paid advertisements which will appear on the search engine most used in the world. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to appear among the ads at the top of the results.

Besides purchasing keywords, you will need to define the cost per click you are willing to invest. When an Internet user types the expressions you have chosen, an auction system is set up to sort between the different companies that have bet on this same expression.

If your site's ranking in search engine results is important, so is your social media presence. We then speak of SMO to define the use of social networks in a marketing strategy. The goal is to get as many subscribers as possible who will be directed to your website. This strategy therefore significantly increases the traffic to your site. Then it's up to you to play on the conversion rate to maximize sales.

Digital Advertising Social media presence is very important for a business since it will allow you to monitor your online reputation. By communicating regularly with your subscribers, you will be able to significantly increase your popularity and reach a large audience.

The choice of social networks should be made according to the audience you want to target. Thus, if you are targeting professionals, you will need to be present on dedicated networks such as LinkedIn, Viadeo, but also Twitter. If, on the contrary, you are targeting individuals, Facebook is a must. Digital Advertising

If you plan to use images as the main medium of communication, you will need to be present on Instagram and Pinterest, very interesting networks. If your strategy is to distribute a large number of videos, you should go through the YouTube network. The latter has millions of visitors every day, and it has become an essential network for companies.

The creation of accounts on social networks is completely free, as is their use. You will be able to distribute content, news, photos, videos, and communicate with your customers to promote your business. However, these different platforms also offer paid services. These allow you to distribute your advertising to a targeted audience to gain visibility. Different promotional campaigns can be set up according to your needs and your budget.

To bring together all these digital advertising practices, we use the term SEM which stands for Search Engine Marketing. Whether you use SEO, SEA, or SMO, your goal will be to position yourself better on the net and increase your visibility. So it's a marketing strategy as a whole, and you can combine each of these solutions to make them complementary. You will then obtain an effective strategy that will allow you to obtain a place in the first pages of search engines and very good visibility with Internet users.

Optimizing Your Digital Advertising with UGC

There are millions of internet advertisements. Also, if you want to capture the attention of Internet users, who see hundreds of advertisements scrolling every day, you will have to find solutions.

This is where the UGC comes in, which stands for User-Generated Content and which in a way a new form of communication. Today, when a person wishes to buy a product, his first act is to check the opinions of Internet users on the net. It doesn't matter how much publicity you have done for your product, what matters are the opinions of consumers, especially for the Millennial generation. Digital Advertising.

Also, if you want to stand out and show that your products are worth buying, you will have to use the UGC, and involve your customers who will become real ambassadors for you to Internet users.

First of all, if you have a website or a social media page, there is a good chance that your customers have posted reviews about your products and services. Use them to promote yourself. Highlight the best reviews, and relay the opinions of customers who have used your products.

Thus, showing you concrete and real situations that will allow your prospects to identify themselves more easily. So share as much as possible the opinions of your customers, as well as the photos and videos they can take. Also, take the time to respond to reviews and comments to show that you are there with them.

One way to get the most content from your customers and subscribers is to create a quiz. In exchange for subscribing to your social networks and creating content that you define, a winner will be designated to leave with an interesting prize. The winner can be determined by drawing lots, but you have everything to gain by choosing the one who will have the most likes or the one who will have made the best photo/video, etc.

Digital Advertising Today Facebook allows businesses to receive reviews directly on their page. This can be done by simply activating a tab. Also, use this feature to get maximum feedback from your customers and remember to respond. Indeed, in the opinions, some will be positive, but not all. In this case, it is important to answer them so that internet users can understand the situation and do not stay on the negative side.

By responding to reviews left by your customers, you start a discussion and show that you care about their point of view. This interest should also be reflected in your publications. Between two advertising videos, ask questions to your subscribers to get them involved. For example, opt for surveys, questions about them, their knowledge of your business, etc.

You can also involve Internet users in the development of your company, by asking them for their opinion on a project. In what colors would they like your new product to be available? Would an open house to discover behind the scenes appeal to them?

Like the entire digital advertising market, the importance of video is very present in the UGC. We then speak of UGV. To get videos from your customers about your products and services, just ask them. You can also go through specialized companies who send your products to customers so that they can test them and they can make video feedback to explain how it works and how it feels.

Why Digital Media is Successful

There are a few reasons why digital media is successful.

 (1) Advertising costs are low

Digital advertising spending is on the rise, but it's still fairly reasonable compared to mass advertising. The appeal of digital media is that you can control the display period of advertisements, carry out campaigns of various sizes, and measure the effectiveness at a low cost.

(2) It is possible to appeal to specific users in detail.

For example, you can group your targets and create ads for each. Each group will see the ads that are considered to be the most relevant. There is an image that it is difficult to create and place digital advertisements. But once you get the hang of it, it's easy to go from creating an ad to running it. Sometimes you need specialized knowledge, such as wanting to make more money, but you can improve it with the advice of an expert.

(3) High effect

It will be possible for small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve results comparable to those of large enterprises. Media advertising does not require large production costs or costs, and you can develop effective marketing on a low budget.

(4) Fast speed

The process from creating an ad to posting it is speedy, and the effect can be analyzed in real-time, so you can understand the effect and quickly respond to corrections. Online, users are more responsive. It can take minutes to find an ad and apply from the designated form. Saving time is a good environment for both users and advertisers.

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