The ranking of the richest clubs in the world who leads the table and which country prevails over the rest

Top  Richest Sports Clud in the World. Since 2016, the renowned company KPMG , one of the five most important consulting firms in the world, has produced an annual report on the club economy and has organized a ranking of the 32 most prominent institutions according to their business value . Thus, today the fifth report was published, closed on January 1, 2020, and there is a trend that does not seem to change: Real Madrid is the most powerful club in the world.

The Merengue remains in the first position with a business value of 3,478 million euros and an annual growth of 7.9% . Top  Richest Sports Clud in the World In second place is Manchester United again , with a value of 3,342 million euros and a growth of only 4.2%. Meanwhile, Barcelona appears in third place , displacing Bayern Munich from the podium, with a value of 3,193 million and a strong annual growth of 19.3%.

The Madrid giant is elected the most valuable in the world without making risky investments in footballers, according to the report "The European Elite 2020". The merengue management, praised by UEFA, has its effect on the showcases: the team that has won the most Champions League in the century with five conquests, has raised four in the last decade and spends less on signings than seven big clubs (Manchester United , Manchester Ctiy, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, PSG and Juventus) for their bets on young players.

Real Madrid has a business value of 3,478 million euros and is the most valuable team in the worldReal Madrid has a business value of 3,478 million euros and is the most valuable team in the world Source: Top  Richest Sports Clud in the World AFP - Credit: Giuseppe CACACE

According to KPMG, Real Madrid's leadership is due to the high income achieved during the five years covered by the study (2016-2020), a stage in which it won three Champions League titles, but is also based on its improvement in profitability and a 41% cumulative growth in business revenue. Top  Richest Sports Clud in the World In addition, the Spanish press also focus on the high profitability that the new Santiago BernabĂ©u will have, which by 2022 will become a multifunctional stadium to host concerts or other sports matches that will generate constant business.

Outside the podium, Bayern Munich (2,878 million) appears in fourth place and is followed by: Liverpool (2,658), Manchester City (2,606), Chelsea (2,218), Tottenham (2,067), PSG (1,911) and Arsenal (1,852) . Meanwhile, Galatasaray has been the one that showed the most growth compared to the previous year: it rose 48.9%, has a value of 336 million and climbed five places to 27th place. Top  Richest Sports Clud in the World The others that grew the most? PSG showed an annual increase of 45.3% to go from 11th to 9th place; Internazionale (983 million) had a growth of 42.1% and is 14th; and Ajax of the Netherlands moved up four places to 23rd with a value of 432 million and a growth of 37%.

Liverpool is one of the teams that has grown the most in recent time: it is 5th with 2,658 million eurosLiverpool is one of the teams that has grown the most in recent time: it is 5th with 2,658 million euros Source: AFP - Credit: Giuseppe CACACE Top  Richest Sports Clud in the World.

As for those that declined in value, Besiktas fell eight places to 31st for a loss of 19.2% annually, Leicester (19th) fell three places with a loss of 11.9% and Arsenal (10th) also it lost two positions for dropping 7.8% in value. For their part, Valencia (25th) and Porto (30th) are the two new teams that appear in the ranking.

In this way, among the 32 teams that appear, the English Premier League dominates the scene with nine teams, since in addition to the members of the Top 10, West Ham (18th), Leicester (19th) and Everton (21st) appear. °). The rest is completed with seven from the Spanish League, six from the Italian Serie A, three from the German Bundesliga, two from the French Ligue 1, two from the Primeira Liga in Portugal, two from the Turkish Super League and one of the Eredivise of Holland.

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